With links on DNA origami ratchet motors, living chiral crystals, brain vitrification, crypto use cases, and more.

June 2022

With links on psilocybin therapy, optogenetic rejuvenation, qubit teleportation, Cuban child mortality, and more.

April 2022

With links on voodoo ROI, enzymatic scaling laws, ex post lobbying, malicious drug discovery, and more.

March 2022

With links on mRNA CAR T-cell therapy, deep-learning nuclear fusion, sanewashing, time-travel chess, and more.

December 2021

With links on microdosing, mitochondrial trafficking, qubit-entangled tardigrades, the value of time, and more.

November 2021

With links on neural dust, electron crystals, the Scaling Hypothesis, God smiting Sodom with meteor explosions, and more.

October 2021

With links on magic mushroom therapy, optical illusion logic gates, Marshmallow Test replication, the biotech walking dead, and more.

August 2021

With links on polygenic embryo screening, mirror DNA polymerase, AlphaFold2, Temple of Artemis, and more.
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